Data Management & Business Intelligence exposing the hidden information you have buried in your organisation's data
“The most valuable asset of a corporate is data” “The most valuable asset of a corporate is data” – this statement has been spoken, verified and proven for many years. Data, residing in some storage format, does not deliver any business value for the corporation in itself. Such data must have been gone through manipulation and transformation in order to turn it into useful, exploitable intelligence. Once it has been leveraged by an organisation to support corporate strategy and vision, it then becomes the corporation’s living knowledge

Seer provides a complete data warehousing and business intelligence solution from design to exploitation. We cover the full data integration process from extraction, cleansing, standardization and transformation of data into valuable and reliable intelligence, incorporating all business rules into the process, and the loading of data into a newly designed or enhanced data repository of your choice for an unified view of your enterprise data. This unified view leverages data from disparate sources within your organization and turns them into strategic and competitive intelligence to support corporate initiatives, allowing your organisation to leap ahead of its competitors. Services which Seer provides for data management and business intelligence are:

  • Warehousing framework – Establish a standard framework as a solid foundation for enterprise data warehousing
  • Data quality – Thoroughly analyse, profile, standardize, and enrich data in your organization
  • Data model – Design a data model to serve the business requirements, as well as uphold technical requirements
  • Multidimensional databases – Design cubes to reflect essential views of the business and deliver the required information from different perspectives to answer business needs
  • Report Generation – Design and develop reports to meet the business requirements, utilizing the preferred tools within your organization