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Should You Outsource Your Data Scientist?

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By far the top benefit of working with an outside organization is speed, said a number of people.

"The pros of outsourcing are clear -- you can get the results faster, and don't have to hire hard-to-find and expensive data scientists," Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, an analytics and data mining consultant and editor of KDnuggets, said in an email. Outsourcing "could be entirely appropriate for smaller companies or companies where data is not the main focus or gives them competitive advantage," he said.

A subtler advantage of using an outsider is the chance to examine the data with fresh eyes, without old assumptions or bad habits. "People internally look at the data same way, and it’s sometimes harder to step back, to walk away from history and process and comps," said Brooke Niemiec, divisional VP of customer relationship marketing and loyalty at JCPenney in a phone interview.
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IBM Webinar (on-demand): Use the past to predict the future

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Predictive analytics software can help you unlock hidden insights and use all of your data to drive better outcomes throughout your organization. Learn more in upcoming IBM webinar.

Use the past to predict the future

How to drive better outcomes with IBM SPSS Statistics Your organization is sitting on massive amounts of data, but you may not be getting full value from it. The right tools can help you find hidden insights, and use those insights to improve operations, make better decisions and improve profitability. Predictive analytics makes it easy to use all of your data to drive better outcomes in every part of your organization.
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